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What’s Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The Value in Social Media Marketing

There is immense value in social media marketing for your business. Social media has taken on a life of its own and has opened enormous channels to market products directly to consumers. We hear a surprising number of clients claim that their target market is not suitable for social media marketing. We like to ask, “How can we leverage social media to market your product?”

There are hundreds of social media opportunities to market your website.  The key is wading through the mass of social networks and finding the ones that are the most effective at delivering your strategic message to a converting audience.

Like it or not, its a Social World… Wide Web

If I asked you a few years ago, “Ever hear of FaceBook?  Twitter?  Blogging?”  There was a chance you could have said, “no”.  In today’s online world nearly everyone has heard of, experienced or are members of these popular social networks and networking tools. 

As a matter of fact, you probably don’t even need to hear the name, can you name any of these icons?


Chances are, you know them (at least a few) and so does your customer base.  Your question needs to be:

On what social networks are my resources best spent?

The interesting thing about social networking is that there are social networks that cover a wide variety of topics and industries.  There are social networks for coders and hackers, for marketers, for graphic designers, etc. A few networks such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have emerged as an effective marketing tool for nearly any industry.  At Pittsburgh Internet Consulting, we have recognized the growing importance of social media marketing strategy and are prepared to help your company or organization start a social marketing program that will yield measurable results.

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