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Pittsburgh Search Engine Marketing

The search marketing experts at Pittsburgh Internet Consulting work with you to create a strategic internet marketing plan that optimizes your online advertising budget through:

+ Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns: set up, budget and manage campaigns

+ Banner Ads: creative, site selection, ROI tracking

+ Paid Link Directory Submissions

+ Press Release and Article Submissions

+ Opt In e-Mail Campaigns: list management, creative, tracking

+ Social Networks, Viral Marketing & Blogs


Pay Per Click (PPC)

advertising is a popular search engine marketing option. PPC advertising lets you define budgets and match your costs to your conversion goals. Because of this, your “advertising spend” becomes an “advertising investment” that allows you to define a specific return on that investment. Pittsburgh Internet Consulting is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. We have the expertise and experience needed to set up profitable PPC campaigns that suit your goals. Watch your advertising ROI improve as we work with you to create a successful PPC Marketing Campaign.


Banner Ad Campaigns

Implementing banner ad campaigns on carefully selected websites can send target market traffic to your website when they are most interested in your products and services. Or it can be a waste of money. Make the most of your ad spend by knowing which ads are performing and which ones are not. We help you select appropriate websites for your advertisements, create ads for your website and attach a tracking URL to monitor the results.


Paid Link Directory Submissions

Which paid link directories are worth your investment? We have the experience to know which ones will send target customers to your website and which ones will only add to your link popularity.  Our SEM consultants create your directory listing and complete the submission process for you.


SEO Copywriting

Content and composition is the most important factor for any website. However regardless of how good the design of the website is, if the content is not good, it will not be successful to drive business for the company. Good text can send an accurate and persuasive message to the customers. Pittsburgh Internet Consulting works to deliver just this. It has a team of experts who spent years in the field of copy writing and are well versed with SEO techniques and writing informative, engaging and mind-catching text which results in capturing customer attention. This result in achieving company goals which include detailing the services and products clearly, encourage customers to take action and also to increase search engine rankings.


Social Networks & Blogs

Are social networks, viral marketing or a blog right for your website, product or service? Do you have the manpower to make the commitment required by these marketing strategies? Can they get out of control and back fire on you? Let us help you evaluate these options and create a strategy to get yourself noticed by potential customers.


Opt In Email Campaigns

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting develops successful email marketing campaigns for clients. From creative, to list management, to follow up and email campaign ROI tracking, our internet marketing experts do it all. Successful e-mail campaigns are still possible even in today’s “opt-in only” world. Create winning email marketing campaigns with help from Pittsburgh Internet Consulting.

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