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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing is a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts strangers to your brand and converts them into lasting customers using the Inbound Methodology. We leverage HubSpot as the tool for the Inbound and marketing automation.

Pittsburgh Inbound Marketing Services

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting is a full-service inbound marketing agency providing services to local, national and international companies in locally and nationally looking for a holistic online marketing campaign.

Inbound Process - Attract - Convert - Close - Delight

Why Inbound Marketing?

Like it or not, the internet disrupted the how your customers and clients shop for your products or services. Because of this, your audience has tuned our traditional marketing tactics.

Outbound Marketing - TV Ads

94% of skip TV Ads

Outbound Marketing - SPAM Emails

91% unsubscribe from email

27 of direct mail is never opened

27% of direct mail is never opened

200M on the Do Not Call List

200M on the Do Not Call List

With inbound marketing, you will attract your customers to your website by providing something that they will love.


Informative Blog Post


Downloadable Guides


Product Reviews

Instructive Videos

Inbound Marketing Increases ROI

It doesn’t matter if your company is B2B, B2C or a nonprofit, inbound marketing will work for you and provide a higher ROI than other outbound marketing.

Pittsburgh Inbound Marketing ROI Chart
* Source: State of Inbound, HubSpot, 2018

Inbound Marketing is a Global

Companies from small to enterprise have adopted the inbound methodology around the world.

What is your organization's primary approach to marketing?
"We primarily conduct inbound marketing"

* Source: State of Inbound, HubSpot, 2018

Inbound Marketing is Efficient

Inbound marketing can help your marketing campaigns for more efficient – as fact that makes it popular for companies under 200 employees.

* Source: State of Inbound, HubSpot, 2018

What is including in an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

A successful online marketing campaign is a multiple marketing channels strategy that places the customer at the center of your related marketing, sales and service initiatives.

Everything you do in your business should be reflected in your inbound marketing campaign

  • Marketing converts strangers into leads
  • Sales coverts leads into customers
  • Service coverts customers into promoters

Inbound Marketing Channels

A successful marketing campaign can't rely on one marketing channel or strategy. Our inbound marketing campaigns leverage traffic from multiple marketing and traffic channels. 


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the foundation of an inbound marketing campaign. A properly optimized website will show up in search results when your customers and clients are searching for your company’s website, products and services.


Content Development

The content developed for your marketing campaign can vary from a downloadable ebook or guide, a service, product or blog post on your website or instructional video. The type of content will depend on the tactics used in a specific inbound marketing campaign.


PPC/Search Engine Marketing

PPC (Pay Per Click), also known as search engine marketing, is a great option to instantly turn on a traffic channel to your website and offers. Continuous optimization of a PPC campaign can make this a very profitable marketing channel.  

91 unsubscribe from email

Email Marketing

This might be an older marketing channel, but email marketing can be very rewarding if done correctly. Creating email marketing campaigns that provide value to the subscriber can also nurture leads and customers through the buyer’s journey. 


Social Media

According to a Pew survey, over 70% of U.S. adults have at least three social media accounts. As long as your social media campaigns are customized for each platform, you can successfully to market to your audience on social media.


Website Design

We believe that a website is never truly finished and that it is an ever-evolving marketing tool. Growth Drive Design is a website design method that allows that takes a systamtic approach to redesigning specific elements of a webpage to optimize the website according to user behavior and statistics. 

Marketing Automation with HubSpot

Marketing automation is the software stack that you utilize to automatically perform certain repetitive marketing tasks. While sometimes building your marketing stack with multiple software services, there are services like HubSpot provides multiple marketing tools under one roof.

we don’t just build websites

we design your online strategy

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