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…or want to build one

Can you relate to these struggles with your eCommerce website?

You are running an ecommerce website but can't seem to take it to the next level. Some things you know you need to be doing include :

PIC-abandoned cart
PIC-coupon strategy
PIC-ROI workflows
PIC-email marketing

abandoned cart recovery

an effective coupon strategy

ROI workflows, product feeds

general email marketing to grow your business

It’s a lot to handle and you don't have the necessary resources inhouse.

Happy Ecommerce Clients

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Plan & Organize Your Inbound
Marketing Campaigns

Your inbound marketing campaign uses disconnected tools and runs on different channels. Our checklist will help you organize and plan your campaign by:

Equipping you with a inbound marketing framework

Arranging campaign tasks in a clear path from planning to execution

Ensuring your inbound marketing plan will work in any situation

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Partner with an eCommerce Consulting team

We partner with companies like yours augmenting inhouse technical and marketing capabilities. If you are looking for a complete overhaul of your website and marketing strategy, or just need to focus in on key elements of each, let’s have a conversation to see if we are a good partner. We develop websites and build Inbound marketing programs for two platforms. WooCommerce and Shopify.

This allows us to really specialize our expertise and deliver a broader range of solutions from website development to the technical marketing aspects of each.Henne_MockUp-Responsive_1400


John Henne

PIC took over our website and all digital marketing back in 2017. We have been extremely pleased with their work. They are responsive and very professional. We see them as great partners.


John Morgan

We highly recommend their services. We have never met another company that is willing to put some much individualized time and effort into helping us improve our online presence. We are excited to continue this path with Pittsburgh Internet Consulting and look forward to many more years of exponential growth with them.

Leveraging HubSpot for Inbound eCommerce

Leveraging HubSpot in your eCommerce strategy opens doors for your marketing efforts.

  • Abandoned Cart Workflows – Average 18% increase in store revenue
  • Multiple Order Workflow – Turn that first order into a second and third.
  • Lazy Shoppers – Bring those shoppers back who haven’t ordered in a while.
  • 70+ eCommerce Fields – Build active lists for pinpoint targeting
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