Featured Images: Why They Matter

15 May 2020 | Inbound Marketing, Trista | 6 minute read

You take weeks or months to complete the perfect blog post or webpage. You have made infographics and charts, you have found images to tell your story. You have ensured that you have all the SEO tags and links in place.  You love it, it looks great, ...

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4 Week Small Business Marketing Plan - From Concept to Implementation

22 Apr 2020 | Inbound Marketing, Trista | 11 minute read

As a small business owner, it is tough to wade through the growing presence of internet marketing. Your business will likely have to adjust in some form as the world continues to get more digital. The question is, how, and to what extent? 

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Image SEO: Best Practices for SEO Friendly Images

16 Jun 2017 | SEO, Trista | 9 minute read

Using images on your website and blog posts serve many purposes.  I mean, how boring would it be to go to a web page and just see words on a white screen.  Blah. 

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