How to Setup a Google Adwords Campaign [Success in 10 Steps]

16 Aug 2017 | PPC Marketing | 3 minute read

The question I often get asked is “how can I get more out of Google Adwords.” It is actually pretty straight forward. You just need to get the right traffic (by choosing the right keywords) and you need a great landing page that is relevant to what t...

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Does Your Business Still Need PPC Marketing?

17 Mar 2015 | PPC Marketing | 4 minute read

Yes.  {end of blog post} I hear business owners consistently skimp, cut or eliminate their pay-per-click advertising budget on a regular basis.  The idea of paying each time a user clicks on your advertisment when there is free search traffic availab...

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Should You Use Microsoft AdCenter for B2B Advertising?

06 Jun 2012 | PPC Marketing | 1 minute read

Microsoft AdCenter is Microsoft's Pay-Per-Click advertising platform, powering Bing & Yahoo search ads. It works very similarly to Google AdWords. A user searches for a keyword and your ad is displayed on the top and right side of the results page.

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AdWords Location Targeting - PPC Strategy

12 Apr 2012 | PPC Marketing | 1 minute read

Google AdWords has updated their location extensions module to make targeting multiple geographic areas with your ads faster and easier. Once upon a time you'd need a separate Campaign for each city or area your business targeted: Camapign & ads for ...

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