Call tracking and recording service for marketers

30 Mar 2020 | Content Marketing, Robb | 5 minute read

What is the value of a call tracking and recording service for marketers?  Tracking inbound leads is a core function of an effective marketing department. Web based call tracking software like CallRail allows us marketers to track inbound phone calls...

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Subject Matter Experts: Why Won't You Write Quality Blog Content?

01 May 2019 | Content Marketing, Jeff | 4 minute read

Great Content Builds Trust and Authority. Its not just an SEO Tool. I've been working in the SEO industry since the days of Altavista, Excite and AOL. It wasn't long after that when the phrase "Content is King" was declared by the search engine optim...

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Using Online Videos for Content Marketing

27 Mar 2015 | Content Marketing | 3 minute read

I am not going to stand on my soap box and tell you, "Video is the answer to all your content marketing needs."   I am not going to shoot forth legendary (mythical) statistics like, "Images are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than te...

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Buyer Persona Marketing - Why It Works

13 Mar 2015 | Content Marketing | 3 minute read

Defining the Buyer Persona Remember when you were a kid, and your favorite thing to do was play house, or school, or army rangers? Any kind of pretend game was fun because it allowed you and your friends to be an imagined form of a person you admired...

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