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Pittsburgh Inbound Marketing Agency & HubSpot Platinum Partner

Mission Statement

To combine our expertise in search engine optimization, website planning and design with a customized internet marketing strategy, to drive target market traffic to our client’s website that converts to leads or sales for a positive website ROI.

History & Experience

Since 2001, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting has been a leading Pittsburgh SEO agency and HubSpot Platinum Partner that has successfully worked with industrial, commercial and professional service businesses to define and improve their website ROI through search optimization, pay-per click campaigns, traffic analysis and website design consulting. Our internet consulting experience includes e-commerce websites as well as non- ecommerce websites in B-2-B and B-2-C markets on the local, national and international levels.

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting’s Team

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting employs full time internet marketing consultants and offers paid internships for communications and marketing students from Pittsburgh area colleges and universities. Lead Consultants are matched with clients based on the client’s needs and priorities and the consultant’s primary expertise. Since it is impossible to be an expert in every aspect of SEO, internet marketing, graphic design, copy writing, website design and development, our consultants also rely on each other’s expertise working as a team when the need arises. 


THE 25 WEBSITE MUST-HAVES GUIDE will help you achieve success with your search engine rankings and the overall performance of your website.

Once you've completed the guide, you will know the basic SEO skills and Inbound Marketing tactics to improve your online business.


Consulting Process

After 10+ years in the business of helping our clients succeed online, we have developed a proven process for an efficient, effective, ethical, results driven consulting services. While our SEO & SEM service packages are customized to the needs of individual clients, there is a core of information every client will need. We know this and are prepared for it. We do not waste time re-inventing the wheel for each client. Our consultants speak English – not “geek-speak”. Our clients understand the information in our reports and can use them as decision making tools down the road. We do not make promises we cannot keep. While we have a great depth of knowledge about how to succeed in the online environment, we do not control it. As a result, our clients do enjoy top placement in organic and PPC results for many relevant keywords and phrases however; we do not promise specific results. Because our clients are happy with the results they get from our services, we currently enjoy many long term service relationships with clients.

Please see our Google AdWords disclosure.

Our Latest Work 

Expert Traffic Analysis Service

There are numerous traffic and statistical analysis software options available today at a variety of price points. We recommend Google Analytics to our clients as it is a very powerful traffic analysis tool that is reliable, free to use, and it just keeps getting better over time.

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We currently utilized PIC for my company's website design and planning as well as our inbound marketing campaigns. Jeff and Brad are attentive and willing to go above and beyond for their customers. Verichek Technical Services, Inc. recommends that anyone who is interested or has a need for Website Consulting and Inbound Marketing to contact PIC to see how they can help you and your business.

Evan Sivetz
I began working with Pittsburgh Internet Consulting when I took on the role of Marketing Manager for an IT services company. The company hadn't focused on marketing or sales much in the past but had the relationship with PIC, so I was grandfathered into it and have been very happy with the work they've done for us. They are knowledgeable about SEO/SEM, digital marketing, and understand the best practices for optimizing a website - and they continue to stay at the forefront of the industry despite its ever-changing strategies. More than that though, they're just a great group to work with. They are very accessible. They meet client needs and desires but also are honest about what will and won't work. They don't nickel and dime you. All that said, they are interested in an ongoing relationship, which in the end benefits everyone. We are very excited to launch our new site and see what the next few years hold for us as we put some real effort behind our marketing and sales.
Christine Spicuzza

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